Who is DOMINO Bau?

Owner-operated for more than 20 years and already heading into the second generation, DOMINO Bau-& Handels-GmbH is a specialist for superior residential building construction. With far more than 100 successfully completed new construction projects under our belt, we know the criteria of first-class residential quality and have the know-how, the necessary professional network and the monetary security to continue to realize residential spaces of the very finest quality.

Others are talking about quality – we deliver. With our internal quality assurance process that already begins in the drafting stage, we can ensure that all of our projects strictly comply with our self-imposed quality standards. This keeps planning errors to a minimum while at the same time steadily improving general quality.

Your Munich residence – cosmopolitan, not commonplace. Each and every DOMINO House is unique; every apartment has its own distinctive flair. How? Your advantage is our flexibility. We aim to respond to all of your wishes regarding features and furnishings. If the parameters of construction technology allow it, we realize everything from customized bathroom design, premium interior decoration and even individual floor plan modifications – quality living, your way.

Trust through transparency. Mutual trust is extremely important in the real estate industry. Thanks to our detailed construction specifications including brands or material names and/or costs, you know exactly what you are buying, and we know what to deliver to you. Our services come as a full package deal – without any hidden costs.

Price stability due to hand-picked locations. Sought-after residential areas are far less susceptible to price fluctuations, since demand is generally above average. Increased demand thus has a disproportionately positive effect on price developments. With a DOMINO real estate object, you lay the foundation for securing and increasing your assets in exactly the right place. The object remains untouched by depreciation and inflation, is stable in value and offers reliable returns. This means: if inflation is low, there are no disadvantages to investing in real estate; if inflation is high, there are nothing but advantages.


  • Executive Management
    Arno P. Dietzel
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  • Dr. Marian Dietzel
  • Construction Management
    Stefan Bader
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  • Norbert Seger
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  • Philipp Krempel
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  • Dominik Schmeisser
  • Project Management
    Laura Lummer
  • Office
    Andrea Fischer
  • Sales
    Karina Graf
  • Object Management
    Silvia Dietzel
  • Media Design
    Sandra Bock