The DOMINO House

In addition to aesthetic design and well-considered floor plans, we at DOMINO place the highest value on superior quality regarding construction and furnishings. While external factors can be easily assessed just by looking at them, the “inner values” of a house are often somewhat overlooked at first. For us, however, both aspects have the same high priority. A nice car body is worthless without a matching engine and vice versa.

Here, you will find an overview of our current minimum requirements regarding the quality of furnishings and construction. The features presented here only represent a small selection and can be much higher in quality, depending on the object at hand. Of course, all furnishing details are included in our DOMINO Full Package.

Charging station for electric cars

Garage parking with provision for quick-charging station for electric cars and e-bikes

homeway multimedia network

offers flexible connections for TVs, radios, phones and network devices in every living space

Triple insulation glazing

on all windows, plus mushroom cams for increased anti-burglary protection

Electric shutters

with timer switch and central control

Floor heating

with individual room control in all living spaces, including the hobby rooms and bathrooms in the basement

Basement room quality suitable for living spaces
  • Large concrete light wells with windows suitable for living spaces
  • Exterior walls fully insulated
  • Ceiling height of hobby rooms and basement bathrooms around 2.50 m or more
Ventilation system

with heat recovery, for reducing the risk of mold and improving indoor air quality

Water conditioning system

based on the principle of biomineralization. Without any added chemicals, the entire potable water system is protected against scale build-up.

Complete exterior grounds

and facilities, designed by landscape architects, including landscaping and lawn turf

Premium hardwood floors

in all living and sleeping areas

DOMINO Quality Standards

Quality does not happen by accident. It is the result of thorough planning, years of experience and meticulous implementation. We deliberately set our quality standards high and strictly ensure that they are met. The following represents just a small selection of our services – all other details can be found in the transparent construction specifications of our offers.

  • Building quality
    • Monolithic brickwork made from highly heat-insulating brand-name bricks *
    • Sound insulation according to DIN 4109 (“increased sound insulation”)
    • Llight wells made from solid concrete
    • Increased facade durability due to mesh reinforcement in the mortar on all sides
    • Fully plastered dormers**
    • Fully insulated exterior basement walls, including insulation under the floor slab (where technically feasible)

    * where compatible with sound insulation

    ** for sloped roof buildings

  • Living comfort
    • Floor heating with individual room control in all rooms, including the hobby rooms in the basement
    • Premium brand products or carpenter-made doors and cabinets in the interior area
    • Electronically controlled ventilation system to improve indoor air quality, ensuring that even longer periods of absence without airing are not a problem.
    • Well-thought-out, customized floor plans
    • Electric, acoustically decoupled exterior blinds on every window, with central control and timer switch. If desired, the integrated astro-function can adjust the switch times to the varying sunrise and sunset times over the course of the year.
  • Energy efficiency
    • State-of-the-art heating technology
    • Integration of renewable energies, e.g. photovoltaics or geothermal energy
    • Triple insulation glazing for heat insulation (Ug value min. 0,6)
    • High standard in roof insulation for improved heat retention in winter and heat protection in summer

The DOMINO Full Package

Realizing a real estate object is not a standardized process. The wide range of possible variations makes every building unique, but also increases the risk of bad decisions or blunders, which can result in legal and technical problems and thus entail high additional costs. 

It is all the more important, then, to have a reliable and experienced partner. We offer all of our products in turnkey condition at a fixed price. At the same time, it is extremely important to us to meet all of our clients’ requirements regarding the customization of their new home, as far as the construction progress allows it.

  • Complete service
    • Turnkey delivery of the residential building
    • Preparation of all exterior grounds and facilities and property enclosures, including entrance landing, fence, garden gate, mailbox system, garbage can housing
    • Professional landscaping designed by landscape architects, including greenery and lawn turf
    • Production of all utility connections and parking spaces
  • Transparency & Reliability
    • Completion on schedule
    • No additional or hidden costs
    • Financially sound partner
    • Transparency due to detailed construction specifications and exact designation of brand-name products or material costs before the start of construction
  • Consultation & Service
    • Expert legal consultation and support throughout the entire purchasing proces
    • Construction-related consultation and customization management
    • Communication with authorities and processing of all administrative and official matters
    • Coordination with external consultants, if desiredt
    • 5 years of warranty management on all trades