Trudering | New construction of two apartment buildings

We are starting sales of our ensemble of houses at Groschenweg 23, a quiet and familiar residential street in “Strasstrudering”. All eight apartment types offer sensible room layouts. For example, the 4-room ground-floor apartment in house 2 with its spacious garden offers plenty of room for the family. Additional square meters of living space are […]

Elegant villa near the park

This stylish villa with idyllic garden is being built in beautiful Bogenhausen. Timeless architecture, clear forms and exclusive furnishings – the ideal combination for living quality that is as stylish as it is comfortable. This villa convinces not only with intelligent planning, but also with lovingly designed details and excellent construction.

Bogenhausen | Homestaging in the finished attic apartment

This week, the attic apartment in our just completed apartment building was furnished with attractive furniture by our stylist. In this way, we create a pleasant atmosphere in which prospective tenants immediately feel comfortable and can imagine being at home here.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Who does not dream of a white Christmas? For the winter season, we have commissioned our illustrator one of our projects in the Sonnblickstraße 2, Großhadern in winter atmosphere to dive. It’s like a pre-Christmas mood!

Munich-Fasanerie | New build rental apartments from January 2023

A successful balance between transparency and privacy is offered by these two apartment buildings in the tranquil and familiar Trollblumenstraße in Munich-Fasanerie. This property offers the possibility for different apartment sizes with reasonable room layouts. The ground-floor apartments with spacious gardens provide plenty of room for the family. Additional square meters of living space are […]

Starting Sale | New construction of two apartment buildings in Solln

Our new ensemble of houses at Goyastraße 7 in Solln, with a total of six residential units, offers a perfect balance between transparency and private living space. Well thought-out floor plans, high-quality fittings and energy-efficient building services are the answer to contemporary living requirements. Floor-to-ceiling window fronts, which ensure maximum and natural light incidence, allow […]

Obermenzing | Drone shooting above the rooftops

This week we had a drone shoot with our photographer in Chopinstraße in beautiful Obermenzing in gorgeous autumn weather. In a few weeks, the photos of these six modern townhouses will be available on our homepage under references.

The heart of a maisonette apartment

Whether solid reinforced concrete stairs with wooden decking or airy straight-flight loft stairs, depending on the state of construction, the customer can decide which staircase he wants in his maisonette apartment. The advantage of a maisonette apartment is the feeling of living in a single-family house, although it is actually an apartment building. The trend […]

Oberschleißheim | Construction progress duplex villa

Our construction project in Tannenstraße, in the beautiful community of Oberschleißheim is progressing rapidly: the two representative semi-detached houses will be completed by the end of this year. The property is surrounded by well-kept grounds and a city forest. Thus, the future residents will enjoy the view into a green, natural environment and their time […]

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